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Sunny Worthing

A page for positives. Tell us about companies that have given a good service. Tell us about upcoming events in Worthing. Tell us about local groups. This page is for the kind, thoughtful, go-getting and funky folk of Worthing.

Below are a list of schemes and groups which are all part of Sunny Worthing.

Sunny Worthing Awards

Sunny Worthing Awards celebrates the best local independent companies, local charities and community groups. 2018 was our 4th year of awards.

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Sussex day

Sussex Day is on June 16th each year. Here in Worthing we decided to celebrate the day on a Sunday either side of June 16th. Each year Sunny Worthing organises a town centre event that includes live music by local performers and a market to showcase local food and crafts. Each year we try to add a little more. We welcome enquiries from local traders.


Networth is a free and informal networking evening for small businesses, community groups and charities. The number of useful connections between people and businesses that you would not expect has been astounding. Please bring your flyers and business cards. We will be sure to give you a shout out on our social media platforms.

Project soup

The Soup Project is beautifully simple. You turn up and pay £5. You get a bowl of fresh soup and some bread. You get to hear about a few grass roots projects spoken about with passion by the people leading those projects. You then get to vote as to which idea gets the pot of money. In the first Worthing Soup Project £160 went to the winning pitch/ idea.

Worthing Urban Gardeners

WUG aims to transform urban spaces with new planting, replanting existing planting and designed spaces that may include recycled materials, artwork and interactive elements. WUG strive towards making pockets of green, corners of interest, a changing landscape, bright borders and small oasis of calm in among the concrete urban landscape. Contact us and get involved!

Share the Warmth

This is a local scheme to help the needy and alleviate poverty. It is run by local coffee shops and cafes. Customers make a regular purchase and can also "Share The Warmth" by paying for marbles to go into a jar which represent an additional hot drink. This is held by the shop, so that homeless or disadvantaged people can get access to a free hot coffee, tea or soup to warm them up.


Worthing Cashmob is a social way for local people to support local independently owned shops. We meet at a Town Centre Cafe and chat over coffee before going as a friendly "mob" to spend £5 per person in a local shop or shops. This gives the shop an instant hit of cash and potential return customers. We have discovered exciting new cafes and while shops doing this.